The realization of building casings consisting in claddings of monoblocs with thin separators is growing for many advantages. The low conductivity of the blocks permits a good thermal isolation in winter and their big thickness allows to achieve a thermal inertia, granting a comfort to the building also in summer. Besides, the possibility to obtain these results using only one product, without putting an outer insulating layer, has positive effects on the speed and easiness in the yard. 

In this scope, the new halves for interlocking blocks with thickness 44 cm (Porotherm BIO inc 44 T) and thickness 40 cm (Porotherm BIO inc 40 T) are worth mentioning: they were specifically studied and developed by  WIENERBERGER to achieve more precision of elements which are perfectly combined among them, in particular near the openings (windows and doors), where it is possible to set the half blocks, without making cuts in the yard.

For their production WIENERBERGER trusted BONGIOANNI, who supplied to the site of Terni two latest generation extrusion-dies type Gamma Plus with double extrusion exit.

The extrusion-dies line GAMMA PLUS was specifically developed by BONGIOANNI, paying a big attention also to maintenance and it allows a detailed external regulation of the two exits and a big wear resistance. 

It is important to point out the core holder brick, which is made-up of a special anti-abrasion steel and fully produced with 5 axes CNC, where the welding process consists of two steps: TIG casting with anti-abrasion bars before and then through electrode review, aimed to assure a bigger mechanical performance.

The braking system with outer regulation is set on the whole perimeter of each exit. The brakes in anti-abrasion steel 55Hrc are thicker than the common extrusion-dies, helping to optimize the braking action. 

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