Bongioanni Stampi is an experienced Company in the clay tile industry for the realisation of moulds and equipment for any kind of plant and presses for basic tiles and accessory tiles. The study, project and manufacturing of the mould- tools for the production of new tiles are home developed actively co-operating with our customers.

In the last years an "after sales service" was improved, which follows our customers for any advice and for all the necessary assistance.


Our designers develop three-dimensional mathematical patterns on powerful work-stations and CAD softwares. This way, besides working out the simple drawing they can check dimensions, settings, roof interlocking and stacking of the tiles. The CAM station elaborates the correct parameters for the control of the NC-machines (tool track, feed speed, working depth and so on).


After the first step dedicated to the study and drawing of the different tiles to produce, we make wood and resin patterns, moulds in aluminium alloys for plaster casting, resin moulds covered by rubber sheets or pre-formed membranes, moulds with vulcanised rubber, metallic moulds in cast iron or stainless steel, matrices and trimming heads for various supplies and spare-parts.


Bongioanni Stampi operates on a covered surface of about 8000mz and thanks to all its archives can quickly supply all kinds of spare parts for every piece of work manufactured in the past years: moulds, complete trimming heads, border strips, knives, counter tiles or other parts.

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