• Height 2560 mm
  • Width 3300 mm
  • Depth 1988 mm
  • Weight 3000 kg


  • H2O load - potable or industriai water previously filtered
  • Pressure min. bar 4 max. 6 bar
  • Capacity min. 30 LT/min. for each pump
  • Release - free surface diameter 2”1/2 minimum slope 1cm meter. A sedimentation plant is advised downstream of the release (optional)
  • Electricity supply - three-phase +N+T 380-400 Volt - 50Hrz - kw11


The machine CLEANDY 2.2 is state-of-the-art for the washing of Bongioanni Stampi's extrusion-dies and of all other extrusion-dies with maximum overall dimensions 1600 X H1000 mm, which can be stirrupped on the machine through accessories in equipment.

The machine presents with:

  • Front and top opening of a shaped and hinged door on the top and on the back of the two extremities, through a movement transmitted by two pneumatic cylinders
  • Structural bottom compartment in steel painted with protection coat “ferprotex” and finishing with epoxy paint “tecnirepox flor”, where there is the operation equipment,
  • Inner compartment of the washing area with coating in stainless steel
  • Control board with PLC for user interface.

The loading of the extrusion-die in the washing area is done through overhead travelling crane or fork lift.

Once the setting has been done and with closed shutter it is possible to interface with the washing features using the control panel managed by PVC (see Operation Instructions) and start the washing process.

In standard mode the machine proceeds with:

  • Security check set
  • Extrusion-die washing with high pressure (200 bar) alternated front and back

The washing system is made-up of: Doublé front and back collector with sectioned action of 16 nozzles, with 12 nozzles functioning in standard mode. For higher extrusion-dies, in maxi mode, it is possible to use further nozzles. The washing collectors are activated by a belt , the washing cycle is pre-set and foresees an alternated movement right and left.

The system has a removable purification tank for mud evacuation.

Besides , there is a light system in the washing area, consisting of indirect light from the top compartment of the machine through neon lamps.