Bongioanni Macchine - Fossano (Italy) - operates on a site of approx.50.000 m2 of which almost 2000 m2 of covered surface are used for the offices and 15.000 m2 are occupied by the production plant. The surface of the production plant is shared among stocks warehouse (2000 m2), finished products, store/deliveries (3000 m2) and production unit (10.000 m2).

The production is developed on 15 numerical control working centres that together with other 11 machine tools, including a gear cutting machines pool to manufacture gears, ensure the total fulfilment of the production inside the plant.

Special personalized equipment allow to machine the compression cams for the presses, the sleeves for the roller mills and the rings for the wet pan mills. There are also two labs, one for the quality control and the other one for the extrusion and the grinding of the clays.