The sifting mixer is a machine suitable for a high mixing and a deep homogenising of the clay before the extrusion process.

The machine consists of a cylindrical trough, and gives the possibility to increase the containment volume thanks to an additional hopper. The bottom part of the trough, where the spreading group rotates, is lined with special cement and hard material with a special granulometry according to our patented system "optima".

The "basic" machine is equipped with 8 grids fixed to removable doors that allow an easy maintenance. The interchangeable grids can be equipped with holes or slots dimensioned according to the customers request. The collecting plate is driven by a couple with gears and has a big dimensioned wheel, driven by a gear motor. The lubrication of the epycïcloidal reduction unit is in oil bath with cooling at forced circulation, by means of motor driven pump and heat exchanger.

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TypeTank dimensions Ø
Turntable dimensions Ø
Turntable revolutions
Turntable installed power
Rotating arms revolutions
Rotating arms istalled power
Hourly output
2 MS 1400 x 665 2230 6 2,2 2 ÷ 6 45 10 ÷ 20 8.800
3 MSR 1900 x 1200 3000 6 3 2 ÷ 7 90 ÷ 132 20 ÷ 80 13.500