Our machines, suitable for grinding the tyres of the roller mills, are manufactured on the base of two different configurations: one (RCLB) having one tool, the other one (RCLB/DU) having two tools. The longitudinal strokes, in the different versions, are suitable to grind tyres up to 1400 mm of width.

All mechanisms and the same driving group are integrated in the wagon and placed in the front part of the machine. Therefore their maintenance is very easy and they are extremely protected, since they are not exposed to dust and shavings deriving from the grinding operations.

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TypeN. of tools
Turning length
Max. Length
Tools longitudinal traverse speed
Installed power
RCLB 1000 1 1000 1030 1540 5 ÷ 45 82 375
RCLB 1200 1 1200 1230 1740 5 ÷ 45 82 410
RCLB 700DU 2 1400 730 1730 5 ÷ 45 82 445