Experience since 1907

The Company Bongioanni was founded in the far 1907, thanks to the union between two Companies: Officine Manfredi located in Mondovì and Fonderie Bongioanni located in Fossano; their activities, joined under the name of Fonderie and Officine Meccaniche Manfredi Bongioanni, covered the production and the marketing of foundry items, stove-fittings, machines for the wood industry and machines for the heavy clay industry.

Later on the family Bongioanni remained the only owner of the company that in 1991 associated in a holding and acquired companies complementary to the activities carried out, which included the production of heating boilers, the production of machines and complete lines for the primary processing of the wood and the production of machines and complete plants for the manufacture of clay bricks and roofing tiles. This branch of the Company in 2000, with the splitting of the group, passed under the control of the Company Filea S.p.A. that thanks to a policy of innovation and growth has brought the company, manufacturer of machines and equipment for the production of clay bricks and roofing tiles with a wet forming process, to the highest level of worldwide introduction ever reached by a company of the sector.

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