Machines suitable to crush and crumble large lumps of hard shale clay which can be fed either directly by box feeders or by hoppers used to unload from motor vehicles.

The clay crusher is made of two strong sides of steel construction, each divided in 2 superposed halves which are linked by tie rods and where are placed the housings of the bearings that support the crushing rollers placed at a fix distance between the centres and rotating at different speed. These rollers consist of a shaft on which are keyed some rings. On each one of these rings there are 3 steel blades with coatings against wear. The rollers are actioned by means of modern and strong epicyclical reduction gears driven by a system of motor, pulleys and v-belts.

The sides are protected against wear thanks to interchangeable coatings. Two strong hoppers in electro welded plate, block laterally the machine and support at the same time a set of scrapers for the cleaning of the rollers. All the bearings are lubricate with grease.

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TypeDimensions of hopper
Ø rings
Hourly output
Installed power driving slow shaft
Installed power driving fast shaft
R1200 1280 x 1175 400 75 18,5 30 9.100
R1500 1280 x 1475 400 110 22 37 11.300