Leader in the production of machines
for clay bricks and roofing tiles

Bongioanni Macchine manufactures machines and equipment for the clay bricks and roofing tiles industry.

It takes care of the designing, production and realization of complete lines for the manufacture of bricks and/or tiles with a wet process, covering the whole requirements from the raw material to the wet finished product. The experience developed in more than 100 years of activity is a guarantee of quality, reliability and performance both in the realization of new lines and in the implementation of existing installations. Particular care is always dedicated to the raw materials refining phases, as well as to the control and development of the forming unit for extrusion (bricks, blocks, floor) and for pressing (tiles).

Bongioanni Heavy Clay Technology

Bongioanni Heavy Clay Technology

Bongioanni Stampi, Associated Company, completes the activity of Bongioanni Macchine thanks to the realization of the moulds and of the dies necessary to the correct shaping of the product.

Bongioanni Macchine operates on a site of approx.50.000 m2 in Fossano (Italy) of which 15.000 m2 is covered and at present 115 employees work for it.