Ceramitec Munich 2018


The staff of Bongioanni Macchine present at the last Ceramitec Exhibition noted that their booth has been really well-attended by an international and competent audience, which was highly rewarding both in terms number of visitors and of contacts received. This achievement has been possible thanks to the topics tabled and worked out by Bongioanni, given that they concern very sensitive and high-valued issues such as energy saving, simplification of maintenance operations, ergonomics, user-friendliness in the control of the extrusion group which is the never center and the heartbeat of the clay products manufacturing process.

Bongioanni, on the wave of cutting-edge themes that stimulate the growth of the Heavy Clay and Industry 4.0 market, has been making its contribution to the developments of the sector that see digitization as an instrument of accessibility in the world of ceramics. This is intended to create highly automated processes to facilitate an efficient production and offer customized solutions for each customer.

Along with the creation of ad-hoc projects, many other advantages are offered that allow the user industries to incorporate and merge dissociated or intermittent processing phases and to reduce production costs, implementation times and to smooth countless management operations.

Herewith further comments by some Bongioanni staff:

Gianni Barucco (General Manager)

At least as for the booth of Bongioanni Macchine, the exhibition has been an interesting event both in terms of number and competence of visitors. Actually, we showcased some innovations that have undoubtedly aroused great interest, given the subjects involved, such as energy saving and safety.

However, It’ s been a pleasure to find out that the main European producers have regained a positive attitude and show a renewed optimism and interest to us, the overall result is definitely positive and we too are optimistic and confident.

Marco Lanfranco (Chief Operating Officer)

This exhibition confirmed that our industry is becoming more and more demanding in terms of efficiency and energy consumption reduction. Moreover, a strong interest has been shown by our customers as far as automation and digital control of the plant is concerned. Bongioanni has been steadily investing for years in Research and Development and Organization to address these issues and position herself more and more as market leader. We are very satisfied for the attendance to our booth and for the many interesting exchanges with our current and prospect customers. 

Simone Dutto (Deputy Managing Director Bongioanni Stampi)

As far es this exhibition is concerned, I believe that we proved to be a forward-looking company that strongly believe in the future of this field, having made substantial investments in innovations that have been introduced to the whole world.

Roberto Rinaldi (Sales Department)

If compared to the previous editions, I have noticed that, as far as this year’s exhibition is concerned, the number of visitors from those countries whose markets I’m in charge of, has decreased. Despite this, I can say that all the visitors I met were well-prepared and competent and all of them had real requests to submit.

If some of the projects discussed ever become reality and go ahead, then I will certainly consider the exhibition a success.

Franco Maccagno (Sales Department) 

Once again, the Ceramitec Exhibition proved to be the key event of the field thanks to the attendance of high-profile visitors. 

 Although this year’s edition has witnessed a slightly lower audience affluence in comparison to the edition of 2015, all the visitors showed great interest and attention, as always.  Against the trends of other geographical areas of the world, a huge turnout of visitors from South America has been recorded. With our booth, we have received an excellent feedback, not only in terms of number of visitors but above all for their competence and for the interest shown.

In conclusion, the Ceramitec 2018 was a successful event for Bongioanni, on the basis of which it will be possible to consolidate and expand the technical and commercial relations with its esteemed clientele.

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