Bongioanni scored another goal in Central Africa.


In a land where bricks were effectively removed from the marked by the concrete lobby market , an important business man has recently re-opened a brick factory with his team,for the manufacture of building materials, in Senegal.

For the new start they chose Bongioanni extruder Tecno 450, a machine which reinforced its presence in the Continent.

This plant will initially provide different wall materials to an important building company for the realization of various university buildings.

For this reason, the customer chose a partnership with Bongioanni Stampi, who supplied 8 extrusion-dies: for the big production materials the company placed in Fossano supplied extrusion-dies with conical structure type GAMMA PLUS and frames and cores in ceramic wear resistant materials, whereas for sunscreen products requested by the important architecture studio who took care of the projects the choice was BETA PLUS extrusion-dies with wear resistant steels.

We are sure that this small reality will become a big name in the African bricks market in the next months.


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