Bongioanni Macchine S.p.A. welcomes a Delegation of the Chinese Brickmakers Association


Bongioanni Macchine was recently honored by the visit of a delegation of the Chinese Brickmakers Association who visited the headquarters of Bongioanni in via Maccalè 36/44 and via Salmour 1 / A Fossano (CN, Italy). 

Here-below are listed the Chinese Companies and Institutes that took part into this initiative aiming at the study and at learning more about the European engineering applied to the machines for the production of clay roofing tiles and bricks.

Huanmei Branch of Shandong Building Materials Industry Design and Research Institute 

Building Materials Recycling and Promotion Branch of China National Resource Recycling Association

Linfen Yaoji New Wall Materials Co., Ltd

Fujian Longyan Yicheng Building Materials Co., Ltd

Cixi Longteng Building Materials Co., Ltd

Yiwu Jinxi Building Materials Co., Ltd

Chayouqian Flag Tongfu Building Materials Co., Ltd

Shangdu Fuyun Building Materials Co., Ltd

Inner Mongolia Baotou Guyang Jinxin Wall Materials Limited

Bayannur Qiangsheng New Building Materials Co., Ltd

Inner Mongolia New Wall Material Promotion Institute

Zibo Jieda Machinery Co., Ltd

Anhui Huazhong New Building Materials Co., Ltd

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