A delegation of TCKI Association visits Bongioanni Macchine and Bongioanni Stampi


Bongioanni has been contacted and selected for a fact-finding mission  by the Dutch research institute TCKI that for more than 60 years has been focusing its studies, researches and consulting activities on mineral raw materials,  materials  related to ceramic products, on particle size distribution, on the chemical and mineralogical composition of raw materials, up to the thermal testing and analysis on construction materials.

The association has vast experience and expertise in the field of production techniques and processes  aiming to satisfying any requirements of quality, durability and controlled production.

The TCKI delegation was involved in the exploratory visit of Bongioanni to view and learn more about the industrial manufacturing process of the company within the heavy-clay field, in particular as regards the manufacture of machines for the production of extruded products and pressed tiles

40 delegates representing several companies of the field, belonging to groups such as Wienerberger, Monier and Vandersanden and being members of TCKI association, took part to the visit. During the tour, the delegation has visited the workshops of Bongioanni Macchine and Bongioanni Stampi, where the most recent and innovative machines and equipment manufactured by Bongioanni have been shown and illustrated

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