Bongioanni Macchine SPA choses again Mazak

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Bongioanni Stampi, being always in synch with the most groundbreaking technological solutions, relies once again on Mazak, purchasing the new Variaxis i-700.

The investment of Bongioanni Stampi in the new Mazak Variaxis i-700, which is particularly suitable and indicated in the machining of steel moulds, proved to be very profitable, given that the last generation of Mazak’s machining centers allows the simultaneous 5-axis tooling on different surfaces, with a rotating and tilting table.

The different tests performed have revealed many considerable advantages and benefits in the speed of machining and in the quality of the product which, thanks to the use of this new machine, is more and more competitive on the market. Not to mention, the significant reduction of delivery times achieved.

Actually the simultaneous 5 axis machining allows to operate on parts with very complex profiles, on different surfaces at the same time, to realize very accurate graphic simulations and to ensure greater precision through  continuous and  automated checks that allow to minimize the margins of error, the risks of collision and the on-board interventions of operators.

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