Bongioanni Recycling Technology - nuova tecnologia bongioanni

A range of machines dedicated to the crushing of industrial and urban solid waste and of construction and demolition waste is born from the experience of Bongioanni, leader in the manufacture of machines for heavy-clay products since 1907. The crushers of Bongioanni Recycling Technology benefit from the same characteristics that have always made Bongioanni a successful company: power, high performance, groundbreaking automatic control systems, efficiency, reliability, ease of use and maintenance, versatility.

The machines Bongioanni Recycling Technology are designed by a highly skilled and experienced technical team and they are manufactured with components made in the workshops of Bongioanni Macchine or by reliable partners, in order to assure the Customer of the total quality control at all stages, from the project to the final assembly of the product. All the processes are certified by the quality standards ISO 9001/2015.

The engineering team of Bongioanni has always had a customer-oriented approach, capturing the Customers’ needs and requirements and converting them into tailor-made products and solutions. A widespread and efficient after-sales service completes the offer.

Bongioanni Recycling Technology - nuova tecnologia bongioanni

Primary crushing and volume reduction of:

  • Rubber tyres
  • Wooden parts
  • Fiber and fabrics
  • Metals
  • Debris
  • Plastic materials
  • RAEE EEEW Electrical and electronic equipment waste
  • Special waste

Treatment and Extrusion of:

  • Industrial and urban sludges

Strong points at all stages:

  • application of electronics to mechanics
  • automation of industrial processes
  • high efficiency and performance
  • electric motors
  • advanced management software and inverters
  • optimum debris - steel separation
  • user-friendliness
  • ease of maintenance
  • ergonomics
  • safety at worksites
  • environmental sustainability 



TYPE Dimensions of rollers
Ø x width
r.p.m. of rollers Rollers' power Weight Performance level required
mm giri / min / R.p.m. Kw Kg
612 FR 600 x 1200 14 ÷ 17 30 ÷ 37 7.300 "c"

CR1210 / CR1510

2 x 55 Kw
2 x 75 kw 
1200 X 1000 50/100 2 7000 Kg
CR1510 2 x 55 Kw
2 x 75 kw 
1500 X 1000 50/100 2 8000 Kg

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