Leader in mechanics applied to transformation processes

From 1907 the Bongioanni mechanical workshops produce industrial machines and realize project engineering solutions in the field:

  • rolling, compacting, industrial extrusion
  • Woodworking
  • Grinding inert
  • Treatment-Sludge Extrusion

The experience gained over the years allows Bongioanni to stand out on the market thanks to:

  • Advanced systems of application of electronics to mechanics
  • Automation of industrial processes with optimization of machine reaction times and efficiency
  • Automatic management of machinery and plants with reduction of human intervention to guarantee greater operational safety
  • Electric motorization that assures ease of use and maintenance
  • Competent and dedicated after-sales service

Bongioanni Recycling Technology machines are designed by a technical staff of great experience and realized with components produced inside the Bongioanni workshops or by partners of proven reliability, in order to guarantee to the customer a total control Quality at all stages, from the project to the final assembly of the product. All processes are certified by the ISO 9001/2015 quality standard.

The Bongioanni Engineering team has always been at the service of its customers, capturing needs and needs to translate them into products and tailor-made solutions. An effective and capillary after-sales service completes the offer.